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Dental 2018

       • February Dental Special: Full mouth dental x-rays: Up to $75 off for dogs and $50 off for cats.

       • Bad breath can be a sign of dental disease.

       • Poor dental health can lead to damage of your pet's internal organs.

Holiday 2017

        • Helpful tips on holiday pet health and safety.

Summer 2017

        • Summer safety tips for your pets.

        • Hot cars and pets don't mix.

        • Fireworks can be scary for pets.

        • Cats need regular veterinary care also!

        • Vaccination FAQ's.

        • Microchipping could save your pet's life.

Dental 2017

        • There are 3 great reasons for Pet Dental Care.

        • Learn about home dental care for cats.

        • Get some tips on home dental care for dogs.

        • February Dental Special: Full mouth dental x-rays: $75 off for dogs and $50 off for cats.

Holiday 2016

        • Keep your pets safe and happy during the Holiday Season.

Fall 2016

        • Halloween Safety Tips for your pets.

        • Help your pets grow older gracefully.

        • Tips on pilling your pets.

        • Eye problems can become really serious, really fast.

        • Keeping your cat hydrated and healthy.

        • Marijuana toxicity in pets.

Summer 2016

        • Summer safety: Heat dangers and July 4th safety tips.

        • Managing multiple cat households-what if your beloved cats just plain don't get along?

        • Importance of getting your pet's lumps and bumps checked out by your veterinarian.

        • Traveling with your pets-how to plan a safe and pleasant trip for the entire family.

        • Microchipping: Learn about the process of getting your lost pet back home.

Spring 2016

        • Protect your pet from Heartworms.

        • Help prevent your cat from getting hairballs.

        • Even indoor only, pampered pets aren't pest proof.

        • Prevent xylitol poisoning in your pet.

Dental 2016

        • Dental health affects much more than just your pet's mouth.

        • Learn about why great dental health keeps your pet's entire body healthy.

        • 85% of cats and dogs over 3 years of age have periodontal or dental disease.

        • Dental Special: $50 off your pet's dental cleaning February 1-29, 2016.