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Links to Other Important and Helpful Sites

This web page contains links/references to third-party web sites. Links to other web sites are provided to our web site users merely for the sake of convenience. We cannot be responsible for, nor do we necessarily endorse, the content of these sites.

American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine - Good information on Internal Medicine topics.

American College of Veterinary Surgeons - Excellent information on many surgery topics.

American Kennel Club
A listing of AKC recognized breeds, etc.

Animal Poison Control Center
ASPCA - 24 HOUR Emergency Hotline for Poison Control    888-426-4435

American Veterinary Medical Association - Good information on a variety of topics.

Blue Pearl
Referral Medicine for your pet.

A flexible way to pay for your pet's healthcare.

Cruciate Ligament Injury
General info on cranial cruciate ligament injury

Cruciate Ligament Injury-TPLO
Technical info on TPLO surgery

Diabetes-Binky's List
Information on CAT foods for diabetic cats.

Diabetes mellitus
Info on diabetes, insulin injections, and other management issues

Feline Health Center
A very good resource for cat health issues by Cornell University.

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
A link to OFA's website on hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and other topics.

Pet Loss Support Group
Animal Humane Society of Hennepin County

Selecting the Right Pet
A great site to get the process going.

VIN Veterinary Partner
Excellent pet health and disease information.

Watertown, City of
Watertown city site.